Adapted Aquatics

Adapted Aquatic sports are ideal for children with a wide range of disabilities that span from Down Syndrome to Autism, CP, brain injuries, and more. Our head adapted physical education coach, Marnie Young, has a wealth of knowledge and experience teaching children with disabilities in the water environment. She:

  • Has a Master’s Degree in Adapted Physical Education
  • Two teaching credentials in Adapted Physical Education,and Kinesiology
  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Is a credentialed teacher
  • Is a 16 time national world diving champion
  • Is a World Master diving champion

Take her qualifications, and add her genuine love and passion for children, and you have a caring dynamic coach eager to work with your child to help him or her reach their very best.

Come As You Are Swim Team

Our Come As You Are swim team welcomes kids from all backgrounds with any type of disability to join others in a collaborative and supportive fun mode of play and competition where we learn and grow together. Your child will learn valuable teamwork skills, receive support from peers, learn how to support others, and fine-tune various sets of motor skills while facing challenges and finding JOY and success around every corner!

Did you know that aquatics is the most popular sport for kids with special needs? The history of adapted aquatics got its start in 1960 at the first Paralympic Games in Rome. The 2012 London Paralympics made swimming the second largest event in terms of athlete participation numbers–148 medal events with 600 athletes almost evenly divided between men and women caught the attention of the world, and now adapted aquatics is the number one sport for kids with disabilities in America!

Stay tuned for next years swim team schedule!